About Us

Welcome to Fur Baby Foods website!

My name is Cara Jones. Animal lover and owner of Fur Baby Foods

I started this company in 2017 to help pet owners access a high quality and ethically sourced raw food diet for their pets.

I have fed and supplemented a raw food diet for dogs for 13 years.

My beautiful Lacey, mini Bull Terrier, a dog I rescued at 6 years old, had very serious allergies. She is the inspiration for Fur Baby Foods.     

The raw diet provided by Carnivora and 3P Naturals solved most of Lacey’s health

problems.  Before the raw diet, I thought I was going to lose her at 8 years old she

was so sick. She lived a happy life until she passed in 2017 at 12 years of age.

Fur Baby Foods offers free delivery to your home.

Place an order by email or phone.

For more information:

Call 250-735-2801 or

Email furbabyfoods@gmail.com

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